Principal's Message

Mr. D.S. Parihar

In charge Principal

Raja Harpalsingh Govt. College is a well-known institution for its dedication to excellence in all aspects of its operations. The institution has grown and evolved into one of the University of Chhatarpur in Bundelkhand most prestigious and esteemed colleges. We have added many new courses and increased our infrastructure growth considerably in recent years, giving our students with a greater level of teaching-learning experience, more extra-curricular activities, add-on courses, outreach initiatives, and placement chances.

Raja Harpalsingh Govt. College’s lifeblood is its students, whose holistic development and character development are the institution’s core goals. This is accomplished by focusing on the individual requirements of each student and providing the finest socio-ecological setting possible to meet those needs. The dedicated faculty encourages students to see themselves as their best selves in any situation. To strengthen their teaching and mentoring skills, educators are urged to participate in induction and development programmes.

The institution uses a variety of pedagogical techniques, such as mentor-mentee programmes, flip learning, fieldwork, internship programmes, social entrepreneurship skills, and a placement cell, to empower students from all walks of life. During the epidemic, the college gave every form of assistance to its students in order to help them overcome the numerous problems they faced.

In the coming years, the College will place a strong emphasis on the blended learning programmes mandated by the National Education Policy, skill-based education, teacher and student capacity building, and non-teaching staff capacity building, as well as further strengthening the institution’s information technology environment. Our college’s spirit is shared by all of its employees and students. I wish you all have the most enriching and unforgettable years of your lives at our college, where you will form lifelong relationships.