Mission of the college


The mission of the institution reflects the distinctive features of the institution.The institute caters to the educational, social, cultural and economic needs of the society. All these features are reflected in its policies.The institute implements high quality educational programs and healthy practices keeping in mind the policy of unshakable adherence to the values ​​and principles of inclusion, accountability and social accountability.The success of the Institute’s mission is driven by the value-based ethical behavior and education of its committed faculty members, staff and students.The college believes that all aspects of education focus on the core values ​​of contributing to national development while keeping in mind the philosophy of professional ethics and equitable ethical conduct.The mission of the college is not limited to imparting knowledge in the classroom, but as a means to inculcate the values ​​of love, compassion, equality and justice. The college seeks to produce academically oriented, sensitive and responsible citizens who will contribute to making the world a better place. We support and guide our students so that they grow into capable, compassionate and discreet citizens, and empowered with ignited minds and hearts, to pursue the goal of transforming our society.